Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sweet Little Baby

This is my sweet little baby. His name is Pierre. I found him running around in a Sonic parking lot, and went to see if he would come up to me. Most stray cats are skiddish, but he came right up to me, so I knew he was special. I begged my fiance to let me take him home (we're not allowed pets in the house we're renting) but he finally let me when I insisted I was not leaving him there, so now we're hoarding him.

My fiance has been on and off with Pierre - he will be sweet, but Pierre likes to run around kind of hyper sometimes, and chew on my fiance's hands and arms. He also likes to get up sometime around 6:30-7:30 in the morning when we are still trying to sleep, and climb all over my fiance, which irritates him to bits. I keep trying to explain that he's a KITTEN and all kittens have a wild streak when they're young, but now he is telling me he can't live with us :( . Oh what to do?

Well, my parents already have 3 other cats, so I called my Mom and she said it would be fine if we brought him up there to live with them. If we do that, at least I know Pierre would be in a safe environment and be loved and taken care of, not to mention I could still see him when I visit my parents, right?

Welllllllllll..... My parents live about 5 hours away, so it's not like we can just take a quick little trip down the street to deliver Pierre. I have to ask off work at least 2 weeks in advance for time off, and my fiance is only off on Saturdays and Sundays. I'm so desperately trying to get my fiance to be understanding that I absolutely refuse to take him to a shelter, and be patient enough to wait a few more weeks so that we can take him to my parents' house,  but he's being awfully un-understanding.Not to mention I just want to keep him, so the nagging about that has him on edge too...

I mean, come on... how can you not LOVE that face?!?!


  1. aw, such a cute cat! (and I'm not a cat person) i absolutely love the name Pierre , i mean i want to name my son that! love love love the name ;-)

  2. I am such a cat lady! I have two of my own :)

  3. CottonCandyINK - That's so funny... I thought the name was precious too. :)

    Barttart - I am too! I grew up with them my whole life and when I lived with my parents at one point we had up to 5! Btw thanks for subscribing!

  4. awwwwww, cuteness overload! im a bit of a crazy cat lady, I can't resist them!
    Grace xx

  5. What a cutie! I recently found a puppy in a parking lot he came right up to me when I was getting into my car so I took him home I'm trying to find him a home

  6. aaaw so cute!
    I have two cats! Though i love dogs too (i have one)

  7. Grace - I'm definitely a crazy cat lady too. They're too stinkin cute!

    PolaBerry - It's hard to resist them! Bet you end up keeping him... it's hard to let go after you take them home!

    Nikkay - I've kind of wanted a dog too, but only a small one that is "cat-like". :)


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